Some rules

Alright, guys. I just wanna lay down some ground rules about the kind of stuff you can ask. So, let me talk about a few things.

Hugging/Cuddling/any touching of DYL against his will: Please don’t. I’ve gotten a lot of these, and I answered pretty much all of them, but I got tired of doing them. They really do get irritating after a while, for both him and myself. Don’t be like this anon who decided to be a pompous, entitled ass about the whole matter. PLEASE.

Questions about his relationship with his older self: Whether you mean his adult personality or the Dark from AskDarkLink, I’d prefer you not ask. He’s already expressed a lot of fondness and admiration for Patto’s Dark [the other ask blog]. 

Sexual questions: While his adult personality may be fine with talking about that sort of thing, don’t direct any sexual asks to the child. He’s mentally and physically aged ten. Take a few seconds to think of how much of a creep it makes you seem like to be talking about that kind of thing with a ten-year-old.

Magic anons: You’re welcome to come and leave a magic anon ask, but if I’m already dealing with a different magic anon, I won’t use yours. Or I just might not because I want to draw/answer with DYL as he should be.

If you want to yell random things in his inbox: There’s a very high chance I’ll ignore them, unless I find it particularly funny. I’d prefer legitimate questions, please.

Comments about DYL being cute/adorable: Do you honestly think you’re the first person to mention it? Because you’re not. So don’t. It’s annoying.

That’s honestly about it at this point, but these things needed to be said. On with your questions, then.