*Touch you* Awwwwwwn you're so cute! /)^3^(\


Things not to ask

Seemed like it was about time to remind people that these sections exist.]]

Shadow of another hero. There’s a lot of us around here.

[[I feel like I’ve answered this question like five times in the past month, or things similar to it.]]




Don’t send me stuff like this.

It’s not funny. It’s not cute. I don’t appreciate it. It annoys me.

Remember: Nobody’s paying me to do this and therefore I’m not obligated to do anything. 

It’s not like there aren’t other ask blogs that thrive on stock reactions.]]

'ey, if anyone 'round here has an accent, it's you!

[[I’ve discussed this before a few times. One such post is this one.

People drop letters all the time. It’s just more noticeably written out since, y’know, you can actually see the words. So DYL isn’t supposed to have an accent, though even if he did, well…I mean, you can’t hear your own accent.

Though I maaaaaay have accidentally given him a Californian accent. I speak pretty similarly to how I write his dialog I think, and, well, I’m Californian.]]

Are you people stupid? How many times do I have t’ say that I don’t do th’ whole “love” thing and that I really fuckin’ hate animals?

[[Hello new follower! I apologize for DYL’s rudeness. But, yeah. He literally can’t feel love or any positive emotions, and he doesn’t get along with animals. At all. So.]]

Do you really want to be here answering our questions. (for both of them)

[[They talked about this here.

And if the answer was “no,” then they just wouldn’t be here and this ask blog wouldn’t exist. So.]]


[[Going to ignore any “I’M GONNA CATCH YOU IN THIS POKEBALL” asks that pop up in my inbox despite last night’s post. Consider me his trainer for the duration of this magic anon. STOP TRYING TO STEAL MY POKEMON, MAN D:<

DYL probably wouldn’t obey anybody anyways despite being only lvl 10 because he dislikes pretty much everyone]]


Things not to ask

There are reasons these sections exist. I have told you, specifically you, time and time again that I will not honor asks like these.

I have been debating with myself about posting this publicly all day, before I decide that, fucket, I’ll do it. Because if I have a problem with someone, I will let them know. This is done publicly so that people can look at my words, exactly as I’ve said them, and not hear them secondhand, twisted to make me look horrible.

You guys, my followers, know that I really love you. You’ve been here to give me support, you’ve stuck by my blog through all its changes, and you’re all wonderful. I would never call somebody out publicly like this if they hadn’t been wearing on my nerves for such a long time.

And in this case, it’s been since nearly day one of the blog. This means that you, tori, should clearly have seen every single post I have made in regards to this topic. Every. Single. One. Because my rambles on these topics have not been isolated incidents.

To be frank, you annoy me. Between the flagrant disregard for the rules I’ve recited time and time again and the irritating attempt at shipping yourself with DYL at the beginning of the blog, I would honestly prefer that you just stay out of my inbox. I do not care for you, or your character.

If this tarnishes my reputation, then that’s just how it is. But I think I’m allowed to get annoyed in a situation like this.

If anybody wants to complain, I’ll be on my personal. Any messages regarding this post sent to DYL’s inbox will be ignored.

I hope you all have a good day. Triforce-Kun, out.]]

We get along real well. I mean, we’re pretty much th’ same person. He likes messin’ with people, I like messin’ with people, ‘s all good by me.

[[That’s why it’s best to check the blog before sending something. DYL hates being touched, and it annoys both him and myself to see asks from people that involve touching him.

Anyways, not sure if you meant his adult personality [which he’s not aware of and should not be made aware of unless I decide to do so] or the Dark from Ask The Dark Link. Went with the latter.]]

Look, how many times do I have t’ say that I don’t like bein’ touched? Ya think ya can just waltz on up to anyone ‘n kiss ‘em?! Good way t’ get yerself punched in th’ face if ya ask me.

[[Guys. Do me a favor and skim the “Rules” and “Things Not to Ask” sections before sending me things. The only reason I even drew this was because I told myself I’d try to draw more new things for asks, and this was the first thing I could actually think of a pic for.

I shall never draw Midna again. Because those damn markings.]]